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The Church of Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force

A Study by Juha Pentikäinen (Chair of the Department of the Study of Religions, University of Helsinki, Finland), Jurgen F.K. Redhardt, and Michael York (Bath Spa University College) 

Glossary of terms (taken from Scientology sources)

Auditing - Scientology counselling, taken from the Latin word Audire which means "to hear and listen." Auditing is a very unique form of personal counselling which helps an individual look at his own existence and improves his ability to confront whathis is and where he is.

Auditor - one who delivers Scientology auditing, usually also a Scientology minister.

Bridge - also known as the Grade Chart. This is the progressive series of steps which Scientologists can take to advance within their religion.

Comm - communication; being in comm - having good communication with another(s).

Committee of Evidence - a fact-finding body composed of impartial persons properly convened by a convening authority which hears evidence from persons it calls before it, arrives at a finding and makes a full report and recommendation to its convening authority for his or her action.

Counselling - see auditing.

Course Supervisor - the person supervising and assisting students when they are studying Scientology materials.

Dorm - dormitory

Dynamics - there could be said to be eight urges (drives, impulses) in life. These are motives or motivations. We call them the eight dynamics. The first dynamic is the urge toward existence as one's self. The second dynamic actually has two divisions a) the sexual act itself and b) the family unit, including the rearing of children. The third dynamic is the urge toward existence in groups of individuals. The fourth dynamic is the urge toward existence as mankind. The fifth dynamic is the urge toward existence of the animal kingdom. The sixth dynamic is the urge toward existence as the physical universe. The seventh dynamic is the urge toward existence as or of spirits. The eighth dynamic is the urge toward existence as infinity. This is also identified as the Supreme Being.

Ethics - consists of rationality toward the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group and mankind, and the other dynamics taken collectively. Ethics are reason. The highest ethic level would be long-term survival concepts with minimal destruction, along any of the dynamics.

Flag Order - this is the equivalent to a policy letter in the Sea Org.

Hatted - each staff member is a specialist in one or more similar functions. These are his specialities, his "hat". If he is fully trained to do these he is said to be hatted.

LRH - Lafayette Ron Hubbard. The founder of Scientology.

Post - a post or terminal is an assigned area of responsibility and action which is supervised in part by an executive.

Sea Organisation (Sea Org or SO) - a fraternal organisation existing within the formalised structure of the Churches of Scientology. It consists of highly dedicated members of the Church. These members take vows of eternal service. The Sea Organisation life style of community living is traditional to religious orders.

Twin - in this context it refers to two individuals who are paired together to help each other all the way through the RPF programme.


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26. For example Sabrina, Copenhagen RPF graduate says, "If it were possible, the main change would be within the group itself as it would have been good to have more technical personnel as part of the programme. However, due to the reasons anyone goes onto the programme in the first place, it is just not possible to select people."
Also Nepheli, another Copenhagen RPF graduate states that, "There is help and supervision over the programme but it would be good to have a second person that was technically trained involved." [back]

27. In Scientology life is divided into 8 dynamics starting with the individual him/herself, going onto the family and the group on through plant and animal life, the physical universe, the spiritual and finally on to infinity or the "God" dynamic. [back]

28. The Bridge is a term used by Scientologists to refer to the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart. "Man, in his religious heritage, has long imagined a bridge across the chasm between where one is now and a higher plateau of existence. Unfortunately, many of those attempting to cross that chasm fell into the abyss. Employing this metaphor, the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart represents, in fact, the bridge which spans the chasm and brings one to the higher plateau. This is the vision man has cherished for at least ten thousand years, and it is now attainable by following the steps as laid out on the chart." What Is Scientology?, page 180 (hardback, English-language 1998 edition) [back]

29. "A board which shows what functions are done, the order they are done in, and who is responsible for getting them done." What Is Scientology?, page 698 (hardback, English-language 1998 edition) [back]

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